Monday, September 27, 2004

The Bare job

like the braindead IT analysts said, "the bubble will burst someday" , though the context is on a different note, It has come true in my case "IT" HAS BURST for me and i cant take this any longer.
An optimistic brush tells me the awakening has happened for good atleast i dont have a wife or 3 to 4 kids to worry about before I thrown down my papers.
I cant take beign another SOFT-BARE Engineer.
A paradigm shift awaits.
A good portion of people in this profession will disagree with me, and that count will have duds who have NOTHING else to do that will stuff a 5 numbered salary in their account, or will be a MCA grad from some "Thingaperumal college for Information Technology".

What the .....damn ther's no point .. , Let me get along with what I love to do, even if i end up eating from muniyadi villas every day, while my SOFT-BARE friends eat in air conditioned asylums.

I feel this place is goin to make me another loser, the one who flaunts to his friends and relatives in the village about his TEchiee job and hi-fi work enviornment, when the truth is "He Hates his BARE-job in the asylum".

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

all the pics gone!

viola add to my horid day when i peep into my blog after a long time, ..all the pics i had uploaded is gone.Not a surprise, just a lil iriitated.
I knew it will be gone after a while but then damn. Now my blog looks like a Porno movie with no chicks, just the sound.
So readers(if any) please excuse the inadequacy.
Will try and find a better picture hosting site.