Tuesday, March 15, 2005


"Look up in the sky.....
It's a bird,
no it's a plane...
ahagn, its that idiot again."

Morphing isn't my piece of cake, I know.
But I don't care.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Non-sense Vs Some-sense.

Sometimes, you climb out of your bed and tell yourself.. you will do it, "yes I will";
but laugh inside loud; of how many times you have felt the same way.
You walk to the loo, do your thing and look in the mirror while you brush, wondering, why!!!
"Why should I have such horrible hair, such ugly gums, such horrid jaws and yet, that God given smile". Smile, the next door girl waits for, smile your colleague wish for, smile your boss hates.

It's true that every one of us is ugly, in a sense difficult to explain, but yes we are ugly. Even with all this ugliness there is something nice, some thing that could make someone else's day a little better, a little sweeter.

For some reason I find the snort my neighboring cubical guy makes pretty interesting; though it gets the heat out of everybody. They say it's disgusting; "hey have you ever thought about yourself?, he only snorts, and you......!!!"
All this so delightful yet so disappointing.

-Sunita i love your smile,
-Mahesh your hair looks good any day.. may be just 5 strands, but they are great
-Remya talk less sing more,
-and Yash keep snorting.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

"Stay in Touch"...a surprising candour.

Is it necessary to “stay in touch”?
When a friend of yours, move out of your place or shifts his work to another town, is it important that you stay in touch?
I don’t think so. In my list of friends who have left me, there are many who complain through common buddies about my lack of interest to “staying in touch”, and then, there is this other kind, who don’t even care to speak to me. The latter contains a few, to whose bedroom I can walk in at any time of the day, and ask for a lump of money, and not return disappointed. My point is; if he/she is your friend then what is the necessity to “stay in touch”. You don’t have to call, mail or even spend your hard earned money to say hello, to some one who calls himself/herself your friend, so that when he/she comes back to town, they will have a reason not to meet or call you.
The few reasons for you to call your friend, is usually because.......
1) you need help (monetary mostly)
2) invite him/her to your wedding
3) tell him/her that u need a place to stay in his town.
Do you actually have to have a scheduled call or mail for this? I don’t think so.
Yes you could ring up your buddy when u feel corny , for support, to get that itch out of your head, to bitch about your Ex, to know what is hep-n-hap in Detroit.

Oh, and there are a few who behave like they were lovers, WTF!!!! .You could call your girlfriend or boyfriend to feel important once in a while, not your friends.

This is my sack of thoughts, it is not to exonerate why I don’t “stay in touch”, but it sure crossed my mind why my so called “friends” complain. I may have been explicit with an uncomfortable lack of candour about friendship, but what the hell it’s my blog.

You don’t have to call or mail me and you surely can’t walk into my bedroom; but I will be there to help you any time.....hmm any time except times I am sleeping, eating, working, playing, driving, swimming, painting, watching porn...............

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

When the tough gets going.. u burn your face.

When something has to go wrong it does; but bhagvaan karae not like, what happened to sankar; almost blinding him. A caracker burst right in front of his face (they call it the BOMB). He burnt most of his eye lashes and sustained minor injuries to the eye. Thanks to the spectacles, otherwise I would have had to make a "sequel BLACK" inspired by 'blind' sankar. Well all this happened inside a car, his car.

Since the day "GREEN GOBLET" ( Sankar’s car) crossed the Karnataka TamilNadu border, Sankar has been undergoing a spell of sweet revenge. Is it because he drove the car rough on Cochin roads? or is it because he keeps saying “the damn santro sucks".

As far as my memory goes, he drove the goblet on B-lore roads 5 times; once getting rammed by a blind auto guy; another time running down a beggar lady; and yes getting the wind shield cracked latter.
Other two times he drove in B-lore, he came back in a state of shock. Could not speak, neither could he feel his palm; paavam was scared.
I too have been driving the goblet but never had a problem; makes me wonder!! am I the psychopath inside the cars mind; that makes Sankar ... Spiderman......

Today is a holiday for me; maha-shivraathri. All the more reason for me to slug at home alone, albeit a basketball game scheduled for the evening, I am looking forward to. Roopa has promised me the CD s written, can't wait to listen them.