Tuesday, October 26, 2004

bliss of piss

....and i survive....
another day in this world.

I want to piss, so i go to the loo.
peep into the piss-pot,
open my trouser zip,(still peeping into the piss-pot),
pull down my undies,
pull out my pee-pee,
and aaaahaaaaa..aah .ah ..a.a....
sounds disgusting...trust me the feeling is better than sex.
(esp after 6 hrs of no-pissing)

...and i survive....

Monday, October 25, 2004

The class is back.

Another movie to add to my list of "excellent" graded movie in Malayalam.

After "Paithrhukam" this was the only movie that has made an impact."Paithrukam was released sometime in the late 90's and yes that was the last mallu movie I watched with the brain of a critic,movie enthu, and above all a MALLU.

My scattered movie habits can be blamed on the movie makers, who have been very happy emulating the rest of the crowd, movies that make a FAT ugly guy (the age of my DAD) do a salsa or maybe get some FAT women to seduce you, sneakily fill their pockets.(no malice intended towards the FAT)

The feeling you get after watching a good movie,I had lost that from malayalam mavies long ago."Karzcha", brings us hope.
The theme, and style of movie making which deservedly bagged "National Awards" are back.Blessy Ipe Thomas has got that class.I was even more touched beause of the backdrop "kuttanadu",something personal about this place.

I could end the evening with a "wha what a movie" note ,just like any 'shyamalan' or 'quentin' movie.

BTB my mom hada tear in her eyes after the curtains fell!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bleat of the professionals!

This write, is a conversation between Anoop and his client on the mornig of 13th Oct 2004.
It was another of those days when you get up and realise what you job is and how much you hate it.
You manage to drag yourself to the bathroom and find there is no power,shower in bone-chilling water.
Hopefully I'll make it on time for the con-call with my god damn client in irwin-California, he never sleeps and never lets poor Anoop.."late" here means NO BREAKFAST.. forget half of what to say in the meeting and a grumpy FAT boss ......as ususal.

Managed to get to office, bang time for the call.
To begin with, the usual
"Hi, Mike how are you ......"
"I'm fine, how are you Anoop..."
I'm fine too ..."..blah blah blah....bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .....alrgth lets start.

Anoop:"Mike, regarding the mail you send me yesterday, the development server did not throw any erroneous messages even when the builder was open, even IIS services were switched off. Could you please look in to the log files created during the run......................

brrrr crrrrr meeeeeee tweeeeee twong twong......twooooooooooooooong..

hello ,hello mike you there... mike .. hello....

mike:ya hi
Anoop:what happened.
Anoop:something went wrong suddenly , i could not hear you
mike:nothing is wrong we were talking and still talking
anoop:ok, must be the lines
mike:i hope you still there
anoop:yes i m here
mike:when did u get there
anoop:i came a while ago
mike:why did u come
Anoop:what ?
mike:is sabbir there
anoop:who sabbir?
mike:who are you
anoop:is that you mike
mike:this is "bakersfield" right? (latter i found out it was some god damn store in the white ass land)
anoop:what...this is Anoop and sir you manged to call India.and this is no hmm whatever....!!!
mike(now on xyz):India!!!??? .. oh my god.. ...........
xyz:but i love india
Anoop:ya dude so do I ....

and so the "Interesting call" ended..............

Adds up, for one more story to ammuse the rest of the BAREs in a lunch meeting or just impress my FAT boss, and witness his fake smile...(why don't you go and jump into a pit of rotten tomattoes and stay there till you drown...my-BIG-FAT Boss)


Latter-on, I get a mail from mike asking for an explanation...pooh "explanation" for what.
like any other BARE-professional I send him a polite reply abt what happened, and i' m sure he would have thought it's something gone wrong with we Indians...as always ...aplication not workin "indians coded, you see", what abt you goin wrong when you gave us the requirement u white freak...(lets not get all Emotional here now)

so like i was saying....
All this did make a difference,yes it sure did .....Anoop had a smile on his face..

gee.. fun beign a soft-BARE professional

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

HOME and house the disparity

Things get worse by the day, My inner crib is eating me and when it emties me from inside thats when i go home.
Cant wait to get back to amma and pappa, not that its gonna add any value in any sense just that the "HOME FEEL" makes a big difference.
No way I want to shore up with the thought of, your girlfriends-arms or your best friend or any superlative crap ,giving you "THE COMFORT" cos nothing, and nothing like your HOME will give that feel of bliss.HOME.....where that special room of yours is, where you are made to listen to parental disclosures ,where your dreams bud, where you have YOUR piss pot..boy i miss it.

Alrgth can't blog more with my manager around so will try to put down latter in the day when the ass hole goes back home.