Monday, February 06, 2006

I lost HER. (There are times when you have to let go)

The whole affair started in the month of June, when I was in my second year of college. The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew she was mine, and how better can things be when your DAD himself nods yes. He knew she was right for me and was happy to say yes to the relationship.

He said "Go ahead son, she's yours".

So the affair began. The affair that remained a part of me.... till yesterday.

Her aphrodisiacal looks, figure and voice worked magic me. Through my college, she was a reason for me to be popular among the other jealous dudes, and was an inspiration for those who didn’t have 'ONE',……….. until yesterday.

She was a beauty, even when I got her to change the way she looks, from gleaming to dark from dark to gleaming; either way she was beautiful. Just her voice could make me go mad and run to her. Easy to handle and smooth as butter. She was everything a second year college kid could dream of.

We had many sweet times together, the games we played, and the talk we shared. I just knew where to touch her and press her to get her 'ON', she didn’t even have to utter a word; I just knew it all. I COULD TURN HER ON with my eyes closed ..................... until yesterday
We did have our ups and downs, she used to go blank once in a while, and also used to send wrong signals, sometime NO signals; and that was irritating, especially when you want to talk, and talk badly. Then again, if it was not for her, how could I have survived? And in a relationship, a few glitches are acceptable. After all she was mine……………….until yesterday.

We were like bread and butter, just got along so well and so a part of each other. My friends used to get irritated at times, and say "dude, she’s with you all the time ??!!!" at least at booze parties cant you be alone?"
I know I used to get carried away with her, and tend to ignore my buddies, but then that’s what lovers do! Right?.......................... until yesterday

When I got a job, I was soo happy and she’s the one who got the news first, and through her my DAD. She also shifted with me to hyderabad when I went to take up work, she never regretted that. We traveled together, slept, ate, crapped, wept..... together.................. until yesterday.

Me and my dad used to take turns in using her, and she was alright with that. He loved her too, and after all he is the one who got her for me. I will not be doing justice if I didn’t let dad use her once in a while.

Now she's gone... forever. Don't even ask me the reason *sob*, careless me, I took her for granted.

Hope she has a better life with the some one she s with now, hope he/she keeps my baby happy. I miss you my love.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

B -R -ush to War

The two duds actually had planned the whole invation much before hey actually admited that they were goin to attack Iraq.
Seems the two "JOKERS" decided on attacking regardless of any external forces holding them back, that includes United Nations.
This article will bring a smirk on your face.

Mr Bush, told Mr Blair the US "was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours".

Now thats some gyaan for we wont find workaday; ie if you are not planning to strike Iran before the "JOKERS" do.

After all the "JOKERS" are bit of a dilettante when it comes to being the President. As days pass by they are reiterating that over and over.

George Phussss, STINKS.