Monday, August 16, 2004

Still growing "The GUM"

Welcome back for another nail biting, hair raising, move that fat-ass please, episode of "FArtman-........will he or will he not...." was the question.
The last time we left Fartiee was with the Bubble gum, now that you have figured out the cause for Fartiees super powers, my precious time will not be wated in explaining that anymore.
Instead lets go to the town-hall in clappana were mayor-- knaan "mayir" is ready to disclose this years "annual budget".
This budget will decide everything.. everything, world-security, oil prices, weather, breast-size, everything.... (don't give me that look, that is how it is..everything is decided by the budget.There are times when you must never let logic get too much in the way. Like the villains in all the James Bond movies. Whenever Bond breaks into the complex: 'Ah, Mr. Bond, welcome, come in. Let me show you my entire evil plan and then put you in a death machine that doesn't work'.)

Suddenly a mysterious YELLOW light from the horizon, a light so bright it could blind even the blind (anoop ...get a grip) ok how about this, a light so bright your eyes will twinkle for the rest of your lives(alright that’s it, Anoop you are fired).
Get the new guy in (nono wait not the advertisement guy noooo... wait ....)


Hey are you bored..???
want a change....???
want to be the best...???
then all you need is a ........ "Fartimeter".

Presenting to you "The Fartimeter",

Designed and developed by our in-house team "The Fartimeter".
State of the art, six sigma qualified, thoroughly tested "The Fartimeter".
Measure how much you fart, how fast you fart, how hard you fart, all this and more only on "The Fartimeter".
Try it yourself or call in the neighbours, have a competition on just do it yourself and relax "The Fartimeter" .
State of the art, technologically advanced, award winning machine, now only a call away.
Dont just sit and fart, call +9 9886464668, NOw... NOW... NOW.

Statutory warning:
Don't situate an unprotected face within five centimeters of an unsheathed flatulent anus.

As a piece of offering:
We are willing to conduct extended investigation, should we find a willing corporate sponsor. We propose a series of tests involving farting onto agar plates from varying distances (5mm to 1KM) after the ingestion of specific foods and beverages. In addition to this, we hope to utilize a peak flow meter to test the power of the fart, and how this corresponds to culture results.


If you still wondering what that mysterious YELLOW light from the horizon was, Well I ate too much yesterday...frrrt excuse me ... frrrrrrrrt

All right enough for today. With more commercials and thrilling episodes, FArtman will be back.
Take care and like they say
"WE ARE COVERED BY A PROTECTIVE GASEOUS LAYER...."So Fart on people, save the world.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The BUBBLE GUM starts to blow!

Keeping my promise, with the previous blog-write, here I present to you "FART MAN".

This part of the script, Sponsored by....

customer satisfaction is our "SPECIALITY", slurp..uhmmmm.

Some day you have to light the wick to the dandy's thoughts.Here in your honourable presence, I DO....
The auspicious day when he was born, July 17th.
It was celebrations in Clappana, firecrackers, sweets, and a "BUBBLE GUM".
Every body Relished the Sweets and sumptious meal, blessed the baby, and went home.

Did they forget the "THE GUM" intentionally???????
Was it hidden for purpose...????????
Where did it come from???????
Why was it there???????.

Read on, for a nail bitting, thumb chewing, pankaj you owe me money, next chapter,

"Why... did... it... GUMmmmm to clappana"????

They named the little cute, sweet boy "Chupru", after his not-so-famous super-hero uncle, who was a cycle repairman, undercover "SUPERMAN".
One fine day, Chupru was playing with his nine inch long snake (pet that is, you corrupted mind), he noticed "The GUM" safely stacked away in the corner of the shelf.
chupru came close to the glass-case covering The GUM.
Curiosity and zeal got over the infant, he raised his hands to touch the case.With a twinkle in his eyes, he edged closer to the case containing that delicious, fluffy, red chunk of mass ,all wet and wild dripping with desire, desire only he could satisfy......his lips caressing hers, his fingers juggling between her legs ,they moved closer to each other and......oops sorry got carried away.Sooooooo kids,

Will he take "The GUM"????
is it meant for him ????
will he eat it?????
will he like the taste of it ??????.

Read on... for a spine chilling, beer like bubbly, Pankaj I’m not GAY.. ok, next chapter…..

"Will....he.... GUMsume it????"

the drivel continues.......what will happen next ????? taaaang taaaang taaaang ......
wait for the next update ...

WILL HE or WILL HE NOT .........

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The lost week..that was

Never wanted to scribble down my personal stuff here (contradicting statement though), always wanted to pen down things of no importance or of absolute nimble value what inspired few of my drivels.But now, if I have to keep my blog updated I'll have to jot down few things that happen every day in this dandy's life.

Last 2 weeks, full of bollywood-style, masala added stunts and emotions, not to forget
"the forgotten friends and their re-union"(mithun came down to Bangalore),
"apathy of a mother in the hospital"(every day I pray for my friend KK to get well),
"elope into the wilderness with the CHICKS( road trip to the great Bunyan with Ashok, sankar, dwipin,tahir(DUDE CONGRATS ON THE JOB),shabin,ya ya "CHICKS" was just an adjcetive).
There is soo much to write and like I said, don't want to encourage personal stuff here.

hey watch out for the "The bubble gum story" ..comming soon!(here at chupru.blogspot)
(boy now wht the hell will I want to write about a bubble gum??!!, yes I'll write abt the one I swallowed without chewing at the age of 2, and that got stuck in my A*#@ hole, induced super-hero powers in me and I became "FArt man").

Monday, August 02, 2004

Tarzan is handsome... and Tarzan is strong..ting ting ting taaaang is anoop

End of the day and a geeky thing to make yourself feel better.
Don't ask me why i'm putting it here, well maybe cos the indite is all praise for ME...
My kind of movie turns out to be ...

"TARZAN!!!!!" (ladies ladies..... you reading this?????)


well go on make yourself feel good( pst... every result is goody goody abt you)
which movie, you belong to????

guys.. you don't havta keep EVERYTHING in your pants

What is it with these Americans!!!
Anyway, thanks to this news, now i know what methamphetamine is.

just thinking......what if, it was Bush... hmmm

Naughty Naughty Anoop..