Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Muscle Mandan a.k.a Mandi

A divulgence from a female friend about what they want in men.

M- M- M

explained to me as;
blah blah "CARING" blah blah "RICH" blah blah "NRI" blah blaaaah ah and "SHOULD COOK" blah blah ( ...and it remains a arcanum).
big cars, huge bikes.
As in BIG BIG muscles. Their IQ can be of their shoe size, but biceps ...hmm no compromise on that, the bigger the better.

Have you women ever heard of the word 'Mind'/'Brains'.
Mind as in; 'Thoughts', or maybe 'Presence of mind', or may be something more familiar 'change your mind'.
Oh and I took the liberty to get the meanings, just in case you forgot how to spell "BRAIN".

Brain [breyn]
1. The organ inside the head that controls thought, memory, feelings and activity.
That part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skul;continuous with the spinal cord.
2. used to refer to intelligence:

1. to hit someone on the head:

plural noun INFORMAL
1. a very intelligent person, especially one who has spent a lot of time studying:

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Diwali BLAST!

New Mails-26

(sender)Arun -(subject)"diwali DIWALI"
Sunil-"DIWALI is here"
Sonali-"happy DIWALI"
Chris-"happy DIWALI"
Anil mashay-"have a great DIWALI"
Mahalakshmi-"virtual DIWALI"
Navneet-"DIWALI wishes"
Sabir-"happy DIWALI"
Roopa Garg(my boss)-"Anoop where is that DOCUMENT"....

...and my diwali begins.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

...and they said.......Anoop can't code.

(Looking through my green bottle).
I glass painted a wine bottle and clicked it aginst a bulb.
Psychopath ;-)

Wire mesh model.

This is a wax model (carved out of a candle).recognise the face ,yes mine!

"The Awakening"
Mixed medium.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lets help the Gr 'N' eedy

Spent some time reading the contrast between rich and poor as told in pictures.It is really touching, "disturbing" can be a simile.
If you feel a bit heavy within then this is not for you to read it sure made me want to do something, though i have always felt exhausted after thinking about "what to do" this particular site put some more insights into my list that same exhaustive list. Painting a school and planting few trees in an NGO called Children's Lovecastles Trust (CLT) makes a difference, that when done out of interest and self motivation, not because some freaks in an MNC thought it'll lift their brand image.
Yesterday we went to the same place from our office for "social service"..and my boss defines it as ....

(the mail he send us)
Arun Joshi wrote:

Colleagues ,

As you are all aware, Lance and Glen are visiting India on Nov 2nd 3rd and 4th, We would like to officially kick off Cisco Day of service for IT from that day. Can I request IT team to sign up for this event. UOr bosses are visiting Cisco campus tomorrow (after lunch hours).

Do note that this is important initiative for Cisco and all your hours spent would be greatly appreciated.

Please send an email to poornima


Show up at 8th floor tomorrow (Thursday between 1 PM and 5 PM)


Poornima wrote:
Hi Team,

We are looking at the possibility of recording our event and are looking for professionals (just kidding) who own Video Camera to record
tomorrow's visit. Please let me know who can get the video camera tomorrow.


The intent is very clear,
The mention of "video" drained a few bugs from the feminine cult in my office, for a vain attempt in looking good.

I am not surprised to know that the event will be in news papers.

"CISCO helps the needy"

sadly I will also be in the picture.

When I think of authenticity on the subject, I wonder if there is any probity in my thoughts .................??
should I be writing some thing like this ..........??
I don’t know.

Thought/concern is the fuel,....action is the thrust..
I only have fuel....all gone wasted

Ran a scheduler today morning, bingo NO work for 3 hrs.
You are not blessed with such pleasure at work.
So got down to the one thing I've loved always, visit advertising sites.
To top it all "Leo Burnett".
A random visit to blogs ...I stumbled upon Mr.X the ad-guru.
Going through his blog, I felt like a boy finding his favorite chocolate on the road and watch it contort by a car.
This person seems to have been in the field for a long time, and he doesn't seem happy!
Now that’s some thing I didn't want now. When I have to decide, if to send or not to send the MICA form.
"what has to happen ...will happen", reading the blog could have been another paragraph in my life which had to be read, SO BE IT i READ THE BLOG.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the Self "YOU" choose "YOU"rself

"if you think about what you don't have, you have nothing".
but if you think of what you have, then you don't have to think about what you don't have

A quote self designed when I was on the bike with a friend and we needed to talk something.
This quote turned out to be like, a painting, which you name only after you have finished it.

"Oh, now it looks something like a pig in mud, though it should have been a cow in the meadows, so let me name it oink its fun "!

After saying the line I wondered, why I said that. Was it the phone call to a friend of mine who means a lot or was it the two large RC whisky.
What ever was the reason? It was meant to be said, on that bike, at that moment.
Hence triggering a saga of discourse to gauge the spoken, the pros and cons added up to an interesting menu of life.
We can contort the quote to any extend....I did, though I haven't reached a conclusion........not YET!

Words in this quote can be judged and decided by two kinds of people.
The kind who equate "what you have" directly to "Materialism" and the others who relate it to simply "what you have".

"HOW and WHO should perceive this quote?”

One side of the coin can be seen in a way I feel, is not correct (though being a human I end up doing the same)
The quote can be equated directly to the amount of "Materialism" incised in a person.
If a person refers to the quote with respect to monetary and other pleasures, then he/she refers his/her "everything" to the pinnacle of Materialistic achievements. Let me explain,
Those who feel that owning a 59inch flat screen plasma TV is "everything" can be defined in this set of people. But the moment his neighbor buys a 79 inch, his sense of "everything" is lost.
A person stooped to this side of the coin always discovers higher mantras of materialistic pleasures, triggering a never-ending loop always culminating in the lap of death.
Then again, is it bad to be materialistic?.....
Ask me and I will say NO. Being materialistic is not bad, because I believe in being happy and if “materialism” makes you happy then fine with it…… but I ain’t happy now.

Flip side .
A person who believes in being happy as per the latter part of the quote-
"but if you think about what you have, then you don't have to think about what you don't have ",
can such a person be termed as a looser, who is satisfied with what he has and not want anything more and be colligated as lazy, someone who finds an excuse for not achieving or will he be termed as a 'yogi' who has reached the pinnacle of satisfaction?
There are lot of judgments here, and all of it will be cleared only of you mange to relate yourself to one of them, otherwise it is a punch-bag anybody can lay their thoughts on.

Answers can be found through conjunction of "comparison" and "YOU".
"comparison"--> as in, not what I have mentioned above, but as to how and what you compare with "satisfaction" and
"YOU"-->..........well I guess it’s up to YOU to decide on that.
You have to cross the Rubicon some time, the earliest the better (for good or bad).
Even before reaching this line, you must have decided on the level of RUBBISH I have driveled, at least you have foun in the gramatical also spelling mishtakes in this drivel. If not then a few questions have been raised about the nature of "YOU".

After reading the drivel, it triggered a series of questionnaire as to, if it is another charade of a freak who will end up as a yogi or a 79-inch possessed....???? NO, I don’t think so, cos I haven't chosen my side of coin yet.

Have you?

Now that you have read so much let me just tell you, I was jobless when I penned this, absolutely jobless.