Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bikers way, the "HIGH"way

She draws me...

The day I made the deal,
she completely blew my mind!

"Who in hell does she think she is"?
I have to make her mine!

Wicked, wild, she draws me,
Deep into her life; I dare!

Alone, unappreciated, rejected,
Unloved and still,
I care; I do,
I care

Monday, December 20, 2004

where there is a "WILLS" there is a way...

About the Smoker who survives..

Today morning this tripe, sandeep blurted at tea session reminded me of an uncle I knew.We visited him in the hospital when I was in 12th standard and some one told me he was suffering from some kinda cancer caused by tobacco smoking.By standers also had that forsaken look when they said "I hope his son makes it here on time".
This was 6 years back, Recently I spoke to the same uncle on phone, he asked, "I hope your girlfriends are fine Anoop!".
That man survived, He's still "SMOKIN"......his wife is happy, and his son SMOKES.

(please interpret the above as required)

I guess you should never give up what you like, whatever that be.

'THEY' always have Laothy pictures for anything and everything; from sinless DPS-school girls to , to ozzy-shows; does that stop your craving for "mama i am coming home"??? or watch the hottie jerk off a looser?

now go find your "WILLS"...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

On the ROCKS .....and i'm addicted.

These days i've been listening to quality online music (at WORK!!!); and take it from a ROCK music loyalist, Virgin Radio-Online is too good.
(esp the 'Classic Rock' frequency)

In armistice with work.

Keep on ROCKIN.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sonia... "JI"!!

It ain't fair to misuse elysian words, like "Tyaag" and "Pavitr", when you talk about someone like Sonia Gandhi.
Lady who learns about indian culture from the books, who has a Hindi tutor and still cant read any; One who fell into the puddle of politics only because she slept with Rajiv Gandhi and licked her cogent mother inlaw clean.

The Article Sonia's birthday to be observed as `renunciation day' is the best jape I have heard in recent times.Congress leaders have equated her to Lord, Rama Lord Buddha,Mahatma Gandhi......hah
the divinity shows.....

May god..oops godess bless our leaders.

Light head...

A forward, I want to share.

A man was having a conversation with god when his whole life flashed
before his eyes as a series of footsteps on the sands of time.
He saw that there were two pairs of footprints, but during the most difficult periods of his life there were only one set of footprints.
He asked god
"You said you will be with me throughout this journey, but why have you deserted me
during the most critical times of my life??"
to which god answered
"Son, I did not desert you, I was always with see only one set of
footprints because during those difficult times in your life, I was carrying you"

A S/w Programmer was having a conversation with his PM when his whole project flashed
before his eyes as a series of footsteps on the sands of time.
He saw that there were two pairs of footprints, but during the most difficult periods
of the project there were only one set of footprints.
He asked his PM
"You said you will be with me throughout the project, but why have you deserted me
during the most critical times of the project??"
to which PM answered
"Son, I did not desert you, I was always with see only one set of
footprints because during those difficult times, I was sitting on your HEAD"

Monday, December 06, 2004

To tree or not to tree

Advice, disclosures, revelations....

They come in every form, uncle aunty, dad, mom, books, neighbour, friend, stripper.
Though the only importance we give, these revelations and advices is a means to realize that we ain't Deaf.

This particular divulgment did make me realize I need to be a fighter.

There are two kind of trees the one the carpenter prefers and the one that he doesn't. An expert carpenter knows his tree just by the feel of its bark and the sound of a tap,The two trees that (good and the ugly) were classified on a very interesting illation. The tree that grows on a canyonside and the one that grows in a backyard. Trees on the canyon side has no master or caretaker to manure it and handle the growth, instead only the grimness of nature and animals, and above all veerapan.
On the flip side the backyard tree always has the owner to trim, hold and manure, kids to water and climb at times guard dogs too. The canyonside is always the preferred one. You or me may not have been a canyonside plantain but we can always try to be one, atleast you can say, "I was planted in a backyard but now i grow by the canyon".
The carpenter will pick you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Muscle Mandan a.k.a Mandi

A divulgence from a female friend about what they want in men.

M- M- M

explained to me as;
blah blah "CARING" blah blah "RICH" blah blah "NRI" blah blaaaah ah and "SHOULD COOK" blah blah ( ...and it remains a arcanum).
big cars, huge bikes.
As in BIG BIG muscles. Their IQ can be of their shoe size, but biceps ...hmm no compromise on that, the bigger the better.

Have you women ever heard of the word 'Mind'/'Brains'.
Mind as in; 'Thoughts', or maybe 'Presence of mind', or may be something more familiar 'change your mind'.
Oh and I took the liberty to get the meanings, just in case you forgot how to spell "BRAIN".

Brain [breyn]
1. The organ inside the head that controls thought, memory, feelings and activity.
That part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skul;continuous with the spinal cord.
2. used to refer to intelligence:

1. to hit someone on the head:

plural noun INFORMAL
1. a very intelligent person, especially one who has spent a lot of time studying:

Want to thank me, please call +91-9886464668.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Diwali BLAST!

New Mails-26

(sender)Arun -(subject)"diwali DIWALI"
Sunil-"DIWALI is here"
Sonali-"happy DIWALI"
Chris-"happy DIWALI"
Anil mashay-"have a great DIWALI"
Mahalakshmi-"virtual DIWALI"
Navneet-"DIWALI wishes"
Sabir-"happy DIWALI"
Roopa Garg(my boss)-"Anoop where is that DOCUMENT"....

...and my diwali begins.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

...and they said.......Anoop can't code.

(Looking through my green bottle).
I glass painted a wine bottle and clicked it aginst a bulb.
Psychopath ;-)

Wire mesh model.

This is a wax model (carved out of a candle).recognise the face ,yes mine!

"The Awakening"
Mixed medium.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lets help the Gr 'N' eedy

Spent some time reading the contrast between rich and poor as told in pictures.It is really touching, "disturbing" can be a simile.
If you feel a bit heavy within then this is not for you to read it sure made me want to do something, though i have always felt exhausted after thinking about "what to do" this particular site put some more insights into my list that same exhaustive list. Painting a school and planting few trees in an NGO called Children's Lovecastles Trust (CLT) makes a difference, that when done out of interest and self motivation, not because some freaks in an MNC thought it'll lift their brand image.
Yesterday we went to the same place from our office for "social service"..and my boss defines it as ....

(the mail he send us)
Arun Joshi wrote:

Colleagues ,

As you are all aware, Lance and Glen are visiting India on Nov 2nd 3rd and 4th, We would like to officially kick off Cisco Day of service for IT from that day. Can I request IT team to sign up for this event. UOr bosses are visiting Cisco campus tomorrow (after lunch hours).

Do note that this is important initiative for Cisco and all your hours spent would be greatly appreciated.

Please send an email to poornima


Show up at 8th floor tomorrow (Thursday between 1 PM and 5 PM)


Poornima wrote:
Hi Team,

We are looking at the possibility of recording our event and are looking for professionals (just kidding) who own Video Camera to record
tomorrow's visit. Please let me know who can get the video camera tomorrow.


The intent is very clear,
The mention of "video" drained a few bugs from the feminine cult in my office, for a vain attempt in looking good.

I am not surprised to know that the event will be in news papers.

"CISCO helps the needy"

sadly I will also be in the picture.

When I think of authenticity on the subject, I wonder if there is any probity in my thoughts .................??
should I be writing some thing like this ..........??
I don’t know.

Thought/concern is the fuel,....action is the thrust..
I only have fuel....all gone wasted

Ran a scheduler today morning, bingo NO work for 3 hrs.
You are not blessed with such pleasure at work.
So got down to the one thing I've loved always, visit advertising sites.
To top it all "Leo Burnett".
A random visit to blogs ...I stumbled upon Mr.X the ad-guru.
Going through his blog, I felt like a boy finding his favorite chocolate on the road and watch it contort by a car.
This person seems to have been in the field for a long time, and he doesn't seem happy!
Now that’s some thing I didn't want now. When I have to decide, if to send or not to send the MICA form.
"what has to happen ...will happen", reading the blog could have been another paragraph in my life which had to be read, SO BE IT i READ THE BLOG.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the Self "YOU" choose "YOU"rself

"if you think about what you don't have, you have nothing".
but if you think of what you have, then you don't have to think about what you don't have

A quote self designed when I was on the bike with a friend and we needed to talk something.
This quote turned out to be like, a painting, which you name only after you have finished it.

"Oh, now it looks something like a pig in mud, though it should have been a cow in the meadows, so let me name it oink its fun "!

After saying the line I wondered, why I said that. Was it the phone call to a friend of mine who means a lot or was it the two large RC whisky.
What ever was the reason? It was meant to be said, on that bike, at that moment.
Hence triggering a saga of discourse to gauge the spoken, the pros and cons added up to an interesting menu of life.
We can contort the quote to any extend....I did, though I haven't reached a conclusion........not YET!

Words in this quote can be judged and decided by two kinds of people.
The kind who equate "what you have" directly to "Materialism" and the others who relate it to simply "what you have".

"HOW and WHO should perceive this quote?”

One side of the coin can be seen in a way I feel, is not correct (though being a human I end up doing the same)
The quote can be equated directly to the amount of "Materialism" incised in a person.
If a person refers to the quote with respect to monetary and other pleasures, then he/she refers his/her "everything" to the pinnacle of Materialistic achievements. Let me explain,
Those who feel that owning a 59inch flat screen plasma TV is "everything" can be defined in this set of people. But the moment his neighbor buys a 79 inch, his sense of "everything" is lost.
A person stooped to this side of the coin always discovers higher mantras of materialistic pleasures, triggering a never-ending loop always culminating in the lap of death.
Then again, is it bad to be materialistic?.....
Ask me and I will say NO. Being materialistic is not bad, because I believe in being happy and if “materialism” makes you happy then fine with it…… but I ain’t happy now.

Flip side .
A person who believes in being happy as per the latter part of the quote-
"but if you think about what you have, then you don't have to think about what you don't have ",
can such a person be termed as a looser, who is satisfied with what he has and not want anything more and be colligated as lazy, someone who finds an excuse for not achieving or will he be termed as a 'yogi' who has reached the pinnacle of satisfaction?
There are lot of judgments here, and all of it will be cleared only of you mange to relate yourself to one of them, otherwise it is a punch-bag anybody can lay their thoughts on.

Answers can be found through conjunction of "comparison" and "YOU".
"comparison"--> as in, not what I have mentioned above, but as to how and what you compare with "satisfaction" and
"YOU"-->..........well I guess it’s up to YOU to decide on that.
You have to cross the Rubicon some time, the earliest the better (for good or bad).
Even before reaching this line, you must have decided on the level of RUBBISH I have driveled, at least you have foun in the gramatical also spelling mishtakes in this drivel. If not then a few questions have been raised about the nature of "YOU".

After reading the drivel, it triggered a series of questionnaire as to, if it is another charade of a freak who will end up as a yogi or a 79-inch possessed....???? NO, I don’t think so, cos I haven't chosen my side of coin yet.

Have you?

Now that you have read so much let me just tell you, I was jobless when I penned this, absolutely jobless.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

bliss of piss

....and i survive....
another day in this world.

I want to piss, so i go to the loo.
peep into the piss-pot,
open my trouser zip,(still peeping into the piss-pot),
pull down my undies,
pull out my pee-pee,
and aaaahaaaaa..aah .ah ..a.a....
sounds me the feeling is better than sex.
(esp after 6 hrs of no-pissing)

...and i survive....

Monday, October 25, 2004

The class is back.

Another movie to add to my list of "excellent" graded movie in Malayalam.

After "Paithrhukam" this was the only movie that has made an impact."Paithrukam was released sometime in the late 90's and yes that was the last mallu movie I watched with the brain of a critic,movie enthu, and above all a MALLU.

My scattered movie habits can be blamed on the movie makers, who have been very happy emulating the rest of the crowd, movies that make a FAT ugly guy (the age of my DAD) do a salsa or maybe get some FAT women to seduce you, sneakily fill their pockets.(no malice intended towards the FAT)

The feeling you get after watching a good movie,I had lost that from malayalam mavies long ago."Karzcha", brings us hope.
The theme, and style of movie making which deservedly bagged "National Awards" are back.Blessy Ipe Thomas has got that class.I was even more touched beause of the backdrop "kuttanadu",something personal about this place.

I could end the evening with a "wha what a movie" note ,just like any 'shyamalan' or 'quentin' movie.

BTB my mom hada tear in her eyes after the curtains fell!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bleat of the professionals!

This write, is a conversation between Anoop and his client on the mornig of 13th Oct 2004.
It was another of those days when you get up and realise what you job is and how much you hate it.
You manage to drag yourself to the bathroom and find there is no power,shower in bone-chilling water.
Hopefully I'll make it on time for the con-call with my god damn client in irwin-California, he never sleeps and never lets poor Anoop.."late" here means NO BREAKFAST.. forget half of what to say in the meeting and a grumpy FAT boss ususal.

Managed to get to office, bang time for the call.
To begin with, the usual
"Hi, Mike how are you ......"
"I'm fine, how are you Anoop..."
I'm fine too ..."..blah blah blah....bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .....alrgth lets start.

Anoop:"Mike, regarding the mail you send me yesterday, the development server did not throw any erroneous messages even when the builder was open, even IIS services were switched off. Could you please look in to the log files created during the run......................

brrrr crrrrr meeeeeee tweeeeee twong twong......twooooooooooooooong..

hello ,hello mike you there... mike .. hello....

mike:ya hi
Anoop:what happened.
Anoop:something went wrong suddenly , i could not hear you
mike:nothing is wrong we were talking and still talking
anoop:ok, must be the lines
mike:i hope you still there
anoop:yes i m here
mike:when did u get there
anoop:i came a while ago
mike:why did u come
Anoop:what ?
mike:is sabbir there
anoop:who sabbir?
mike:who are you
anoop:is that you mike
mike:this is "bakersfield" right? (latter i found out it was some god damn store in the white ass land)
anoop:what...this is Anoop and sir you manged to call India.and this is no hmm whatever....!!!
mike(now on xyz):India!!!??? .. oh my god.. ...........
xyz:but i love india
Anoop:ya dude so do I ....

and so the "Interesting call" ended..............

Adds up, for one more story to ammuse the rest of the BAREs in a lunch meeting or just impress my FAT boss, and witness his fake smile...(why don't you go and jump into a pit of rotten tomattoes and stay there till you Boss)


Latter-on, I get a mail from mike asking for an explanation...pooh "explanation" for what.
like any other BARE-professional I send him a polite reply abt what happened, and i' m sure he would have thought it's something gone wrong with we always ...aplication not workin "indians coded, you see", what abt you goin wrong when you gave us the requirement u white freak...(lets not get all Emotional here now)

so like i was saying....
All this did make a difference,yes it sure did .....Anoop had a smile on his face..

gee.. fun beign a soft-BARE professional

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

HOME and house the disparity

Things get worse by the day, My inner crib is eating me and when it emties me from inside thats when i go home.
Cant wait to get back to amma and pappa, not that its gonna add any value in any sense just that the "HOME FEEL" makes a big difference.
No way I want to shore up with the thought of, your girlfriends-arms or your best friend or any superlative crap ,giving you "THE COMFORT" cos nothing, and nothing like your HOME will give that feel of bliss.HOME.....where that special room of yours is, where you are made to listen to parental disclosures ,where your dreams bud, where you have YOUR piss pot..boy i miss it.

Alrgth can't blog more with my manager around so will try to put down latter in the day when the ass hole goes back home.

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Bare job

like the braindead IT analysts said, "the bubble will burst someday" , though the context is on a different note, It has come true in my case "IT" HAS BURST for me and i cant take this any longer.
An optimistic brush tells me the awakening has happened for good atleast i dont have a wife or 3 to 4 kids to worry about before I thrown down my papers.
I cant take beign another SOFT-BARE Engineer.
A paradigm shift awaits.
A good portion of people in this profession will disagree with me, and that count will have duds who have NOTHING else to do that will stuff a 5 numbered salary in their account, or will be a MCA grad from some "Thingaperumal college for Information Technology".

What the .....damn ther's no point .. , Let me get along with what I love to do, even if i end up eating from muniyadi villas every day, while my SOFT-BARE friends eat in air conditioned asylums.

I feel this place is goin to make me another loser, the one who flaunts to his friends and relatives in the village about his TEchiee job and hi-fi work enviornment, when the truth is "He Hates his BARE-job in the asylum".

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

all the pics gone!

viola add to my horid day when i peep into my blog after a long time, ..all the pics i had uploaded is gone.Not a surprise, just a lil iriitated.
I knew it will be gone after a while but then damn. Now my blog looks like a Porno movie with no chicks, just the sound.
So readers(if any) please excuse the inadequacy.
Will try and find a better picture hosting site.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Still growing "The GUM"

Welcome back for another nail biting, hair raising, move that fat-ass please, episode of "FArtman-........will he or will he not...." was the question.
The last time we left Fartiee was with the Bubble gum, now that you have figured out the cause for Fartiees super powers, my precious time will not be wated in explaining that anymore.
Instead lets go to the town-hall in clappana were mayor-- knaan "mayir" is ready to disclose this years "annual budget".
This budget will decide everything.. everything, world-security, oil prices, weather, breast-size, everything.... (don't give me that look, that is how it is..everything is decided by the budget.There are times when you must never let logic get too much in the way. Like the villains in all the James Bond movies. Whenever Bond breaks into the complex: 'Ah, Mr. Bond, welcome, come in. Let me show you my entire evil plan and then put you in a death machine that doesn't work'.)

Suddenly a mysterious YELLOW light from the horizon, a light so bright it could blind even the blind (anoop ...get a grip) ok how about this, a light so bright your eyes will twinkle for the rest of your lives(alright that’s it, Anoop you are fired).
Get the new guy in (nono wait not the advertisement guy noooo... wait ....)


Hey are you bored..???
want a change....???
want to be the best...???
then all you need is a ........ "Fartimeter".

Presenting to you "The Fartimeter",

Designed and developed by our in-house team "The Fartimeter".
State of the art, six sigma qualified, thoroughly tested "The Fartimeter".
Measure how much you fart, how fast you fart, how hard you fart, all this and more only on "The Fartimeter".
Try it yourself or call in the neighbours, have a competition on just do it yourself and relax "The Fartimeter" .
State of the art, technologically advanced, award winning machine, now only a call away.
Dont just sit and fart, call +9 9886464668, NOw... NOW... NOW.

Statutory warning:
Don't situate an unprotected face within five centimeters of an unsheathed flatulent anus.

As a piece of offering:
We are willing to conduct extended investigation, should we find a willing corporate sponsor. We propose a series of tests involving farting onto agar plates from varying distances (5mm to 1KM) after the ingestion of specific foods and beverages. In addition to this, we hope to utilize a peak flow meter to test the power of the fart, and how this corresponds to culture results.


If you still wondering what that mysterious YELLOW light from the horizon was, Well I ate too much yesterday...frrrt excuse me ... frrrrrrrrt

All right enough for today. With more commercials and thrilling episodes, FArtman will be back.
Take care and like they say
"WE ARE COVERED BY A PROTECTIVE GASEOUS LAYER...."So Fart on people, save the world.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The BUBBLE GUM starts to blow!

Keeping my promise, with the previous blog-write, here I present to you "FART MAN".

This part of the script, Sponsored by....

customer satisfaction is our "SPECIALITY", slurp..uhmmmm.

Some day you have to light the wick to the dandy's thoughts.Here in your honourable presence, I DO....
The auspicious day when he was born, July 17th.
It was celebrations in Clappana, firecrackers, sweets, and a "BUBBLE GUM".
Every body Relished the Sweets and sumptious meal, blessed the baby, and went home.

Did they forget the "THE GUM" intentionally???????
Was it hidden for purpose...????????
Where did it come from???????
Why was it there???????.

Read on, for a nail bitting, thumb chewing, pankaj you owe me money, next chapter,

"Why... did... it... GUMmmmm to clappana"????

They named the little cute, sweet boy "Chupru", after his not-so-famous super-hero uncle, who was a cycle repairman, undercover "SUPERMAN".
One fine day, Chupru was playing with his nine inch long snake (pet that is, you corrupted mind), he noticed "The GUM" safely stacked away in the corner of the shelf.
chupru came close to the glass-case covering The GUM.
Curiosity and zeal got over the infant, he raised his hands to touch the case.With a twinkle in his eyes, he edged closer to the case containing that delicious, fluffy, red chunk of mass ,all wet and wild dripping with desire, desire only he could satisfy......his lips caressing hers, his fingers juggling between her legs ,they moved closer to each other and......oops sorry got carried away.Sooooooo kids,

Will he take "The GUM"????
is it meant for him ????
will he eat it?????
will he like the taste of it ??????.

Read on... for a spine chilling, beer like bubbly, Pankaj I’m not GAY.. ok, next chapter…..

"Will....he.... GUMsume it????"

the drivel continues.......what will happen next ????? taaaang taaaang taaaang ......
wait for the next update ...

WILL HE or WILL HE NOT .........

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The lost week..that was

Never wanted to scribble down my personal stuff here (contradicting statement though), always wanted to pen down things of no importance or of absolute nimble value what inspired few of my drivels.But now, if I have to keep my blog updated I'll have to jot down few things that happen every day in this dandy's life.

Last 2 weeks, full of bollywood-style, masala added stunts and emotions, not to forget
"the forgotten friends and their re-union"(mithun came down to Bangalore),
"apathy of a mother in the hospital"(every day I pray for my friend KK to get well),
"elope into the wilderness with the CHICKS( road trip to the great Bunyan with Ashok, sankar, dwipin,tahir(DUDE CONGRATS ON THE JOB),shabin,ya ya "CHICKS" was just an adjcetive).
There is soo much to write and like I said, don't want to encourage personal stuff here.

hey watch out for the "The bubble gum story" ..comming soon!(here at chupru.blogspot)
(boy now wht the hell will I want to write about a bubble gum??!!, yes I'll write abt the one I swallowed without chewing at the age of 2, and that got stuck in my A*#@ hole, induced super-hero powers in me and I became "FArt man").

Monday, August 02, 2004

Tarzan is handsome... and Tarzan is strong..ting ting ting taaaang is anoop

End of the day and a geeky thing to make yourself feel better.
Don't ask me why i'm putting it here, well maybe cos the indite is all praise for ME...
My kind of movie turns out to be ...

"TARZAN!!!!!" (ladies ladies..... you reading this?????)


well go on make yourself feel good( pst... every result is goody goody abt you)
which movie, you belong to????

guys.. you don't havta keep EVERYTHING in your pants

What is it with these Americans!!!
Anyway, thanks to this news, now i know what methamphetamine is.

just thinking......what if, it was Bush... hmmm

Naughty Naughty Anoop..

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mind games...juzzt you enjoyeee in a mad-house.

First of the waves you touch will be the last you feel, now was that the last or the first wave?
Evry single grain under my feet, stimulates me into a cacoethes.
Should I bend down to itch, hah yes itch till every layer under your feet find their way into the salty depths,
and you stand there; still, quiet, feeling the wind through your osseous tissues.Slowly, very slowly till don't exist.
The waves touch your feet again,
Is it the first or the last one!!!!

creepy eh, this is what i saw in my sleep yesterday.
amaaaaa I want you here now.
I remember the one time i got my bones chilled, in my sleep when I dreamt a snake chasing me all around the place.
Slept in amma and achan's room that nite (hey.....i was in 6th grade then ok and i don't like 'MY' bed, wet).With the revelation of the dream, I had to do a marathon vist to 3 temples (with snake deities) that week.
If i tell amma about this, where am i going to end up??!!!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2004

want Nirvana, the ISKCON ishtyle? eat PIZZA!!!

Week end was just fine.

Was down with "empty your bowel while you sneeze" disease on Sunday. Damn, it's no fun to be in the loo when your buddies are having fun, just a door away.I also missed Sunday treat for myself at a Pub or Restaurant.
The bettter part of my week end, Went to ISKCON (International society for Krishna Consciousness) here in Bangalore, on Saturday.
Got myself a "sandalwood mala" (oh, how I LOVE beads).
I used to don two beautiful mala's during my college, one was tulsi beads and the other, red sandalwood (a cheaper version, and has no smell).
Still have the red-sandalwood one , the other is with HER.GOD let a day past by, with me not thinking of HER,pleaaase....
Well abt ISKCON, they serve PIZZAS for prasad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

krishnaaaeeeee..... the elysian, bless us. Pssst.... this time with chatpatti paneer-extra cheese-stuffed crust, please.

When Pankaj told me this, before I left for the place, I thought it was another one of his "CRAP".
Blimey, they actually had doughnuts and pizzas with sign-posts saying,"Lord Krishnas Prasad, Donate Rs 30/-".
Alrght Commercialized GOD freaks,I preffer "Thripunithura Kshetram" back home.When you want to feel divinity, the smell of Pizza or samosas is not required.

On a postivistic note, super architeture, lovely landscaping, idols were amazingly comely and aesthetic.

PS: I'll love to go there again (even when I am warned of their organ-trading reputation).

Armstrong on the moon...

"He's an accomplished champion but he's not invincible", a cliche.(comment by Race director Jean-Marie Leblanc)

Hats and my "chaddi" off to this man.
To win six times in a row one of the most difficult races, is something my grandpa would make me proud of.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

"DISCOVERY"start early....very early.

It is very difficult for me to understand why we have segregation between "Discovey channel" and "F-tv".
The other day I got to know

1)new positions in love making.
2)how to arouse your partner, even during a cardiac arrest.
3)how to rub your "person" for maximum pleasure.
4)......where and when to do, all the above mentioned....... next episode.

All this from the very own "Discovery" channel.Through out the program I had a hard-on, (which was put to good use, latter on.... HOW?? ....ya like you don't know).The point is what about the KISS....chaeeei......K.I.D.S????

Superlatives like "exploring", "learning","discovering" do a good beguilers job for these channels.Boy it wont be far when your 3 year old comes to you running " dad do u have a rubber on you, its an emergency, Sarala is waiting"......
Oops son.You know, me and mom have been work late these days, so its been ages...hmmm."

I'm no vis-a-vis to comment on how to handle Kids.But when u hear (at 11 in the nite) from your 1st standard cousin ..."chetta flick to channel 69 National geographic, they show naked ladies dancing now"......a thought sure goes through your vitiated mind, "boy when did i see a naked lady FIRST !!!!.." lucky basrads, kids these days....

and so the conversation continues:
chettan: monae ....what else do they show at this hour?
cousin:shift to Zee MGM after 1 hour and u'll see "guy kissing semi nude girl movie"....No..... thats on monday, today is friday.Stick to National geographic for now, at 12 shift to "SURYA" and you can see soft porn,today they show "Shakeela"......
chettan:What, you know who 'Shaak" is???
cousin:I have pics of hers, even you haven't seen!
chettan:show it to me latter ok.You never got caught?
cousin:why do u think i have a 14inch in my room!..privacy u seee.....
(and you thought they were watching TOM chase JERRY..true, only that TOM is a 12inch "pianist" and JERRY has two 36inc "moulds" fixed to her rib cage.)
chettan: monae....i think you should get some rest before your sports day tomorrow.why don't you go and sleep now.It's 12 already you see....
cousin:it's ok chetta, you enjoy "SURYA" here and ill enjoy inside .....good nite.

Soon you'll have the book "sexual pleassures, the SMALL way' author Kannan(my 7 year old cousin)....
He winning the Pulitzer for ceative writing; becomes "KOsho" the GURU and unbrace in a Rolls with beguiling women wrapped around him..........

.................I die virgin.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

day after tommorow...with "kallu"

meow... said the cat and i ran him over with my "Enzo", the 6 lt 660bhp, 0-100 mph in 6sec-below, gull wings, what an aphrodisiac, made it to the verge of a "explosion", in my pants ....Bow... said tikku and i was rolling on the floor in his piss, how on earth did I get in the Kennel. Oh the after effects of "kallu" .

Monday, July 19, 2004

Bart a rave! (wish it was ME).

Why i'll die to be BART......the 10 year old, for 11 years.
MY  blakboard
I will only do this once a year
I will not try to burn down the school
I will not aim for the head
I saw nothing unusual in the teacher's lounge
I will not draw naked ladies in class
I will not conduct my own fire drills 
Wedgies are unhealthy for children and other living things
I will not Xerox my butt
A burp is not an answer 
I do not have diplomatic immunity
I will not get very far with this attitude
Goldfish don't bounce
I will not belch the National Anthem
Underwear should be worn on the inside
The boys room is not a water park
I will not waste chalkI will not encourage others to fly
I will not do that thing with my tongue
I will not drive the principal's carFunny noises are not funny'
This punishment is not boring and pointless
I will not bury the new kid
I will not bring sheep to class
The principal's toupee is not a frisbee
My homework was not stolen by a one-armed man
Organ transplants are best left to the professionals
I will not celebrate meaningless milestones
Beans are neither fruit nor musical
I will not send lard through the mail
I will not hang donuts on my person
The first amendment does not cover burping
I will stop talking about the twelve inch pianist
I will not instigate revolution
All work and no play makes Bart a dull boy.
My BUTT does not deserve a web-site
I am not the new DALAI LAMA
I will not call my teacher ``Hot Cakes''
Nerve gas is not a toy
I will not conduct my own fire drills
My name is not ``Dr. Death''
I will not sell miracle cures
The pledge of allegiance does not end with hail Satan 
I am not a dentist 
Teacher is not a leper
next incarnation I will be "Bart" , please god please I'll be nice from today, I promise.

"Naadan Kallu"..... tipsy Bday.

Late post to commemorate another "day" , reminds me that I'm running out if time. My birthday is done with for the 23rd time.
was home when the day started, ended up in a "kallu shaap" (local toddy shop) by the evening.
I was decieved into the place by my mentors back in cochin, Vasanth and Girish chettan.
when vasanth asked me to come home fast ,I thougth there s a surprise  party waiting for me (even told vidya, I'm goin to be surprised with a party,yes she called)poooh...ya rgth surprise and a party too, but never thougth it's going to be like this in my wildest dreams.
The "kallu shaap" was located by the river XYZ, and it looked beautiful with the moon light bouncing of the ripples made by the "vallam"(man powered boats), cruising through.
"kallu",  suppposed to be one of the purest form of liquor, tasted like Vanilla-shake with vinegar in it, but tasted divine, kinda baffling.
To top it we had sumptious servings of "karimmen porichathu", "meen pollichathu", prawns fry, "vedi-irrachi"(crane meet), i too felt a lil disgust ,thats before I tasted it.
The owner of the place,"BABU" was "Girish-Chettans" buddy, he too was on our table, after getting a lil tipsy
he started off with the golden, evergreen songs in Malayalam, Boy it sure feels good to hear it from some one who knows what he's singing.
trrrrrrrrrriiiiing    achan calling ,panic ,cut the song (whoes bothered).....  "anthi kadapurathu oru oola kudayeduthu, naalum kooti murukinajunathu aranu....."  blasting in the background, I pick up the call.Told him ill be late and that I have the keys.Told him not to let "tikku" out of the kennel till I come ...ya the last thing you want is to get ravished by your own dog ,cos you dont smell like "Anoop" instead stink of "kallu".
Got home by 1am and amma was still waiting for me, she knew what her 23 year old son was upto and asked me to take a shower and go to sleep.Next day morning I told her every thing, things were cool. Achan also got a brief description of the evening, though i spoke to him only about my clinary satisfactions, I m sure he knows his SON better.
And i went to TWO temples the next day .................................see how pious I am ,just not a souse.
Back to work now .
Happy Bday to you .. happy Bday to you ..
happy Bday to chupru.....

YOGA...Secret to “Bliss” or “Indian-spidiee”?

I always thought "Yoga™" was another of those martial arts-gimmicks. Left leg up, right hand on you nose, twist your head, bend down to touch the knees, you, now try and get out of the "twistero-aasana". But then my cogitation changed when I experienced it myself, I became Yogic-Spidiee.
My first experience with "Yoga™" was dire.
A friend of mine-"Quarter Kumar" told me that his granddad was giving Yoga classes "FOR FREE", and like the usual "Fall for FREE" dud, I took the bait.
Hey and did I tell you readers, I was 3 times champ in "Who can spit highest on the wall"(was suspended in class 4 for the same), ultimate in "hanging upside down till you faint and the macho who could stand on one hand, and still not fall down for a record 2 seconds.
Any way, next day morning at 4, I got up, took a shower and go all the way to Quarter Kumar's house on my cycle.
There I was on the first floor of the house wearing a loose shorts and T shirt, eyes half closed, saliva driveling from the mouth, not even able to make out if the slender figure in front of me was Quarter Kumar's Grand-dad or a half peeled banana, I wanted to scoot and crash on my cozy bed as soon as possible.
According to my mom, Yoga would help me, tone-up my body and senses, refresh me spiritually, and awaken my inner "gyaan",.......TWAAAANG.... inner what??!!
Mom.... you are talking to the 3 times champ in "Who can spit highest on the wall", ultimate in "hanging upside down till you faint" and the macho who could stand on one hand and still not fall down for a record 2 seconds. He needs no refreshing the atma or toning the body.... He's " FIT', just like 'Thambi', the drunkard neighbor of ours.
But then, to keep the school-bully your best pal, I had to go to Quarter Kumar's place.
Quarter Kumar's granddad was a, short, thin, man in his late 60s(that was 7 years ago). According to Quarter Kumar, his granddad was supposed to posses the divine skills of Yoga, which helped him not have a single white hair even at that age. Well I can do that too, after all what is "Rose-Brand kaali mehandi" for.
Intellectually, he was at the penacle. Vedas, mantras he had authored a few books also.
Quarter Kumar was all enthu about the Yoga session.
Grandpa started off reading a mantra for us and we had to repeat with him, then he asked us to sit up with straight backs and take deep breaths. Straight backs hah .......¦deep breaths haahahhahha, old man you are talking to the 3 times champ in "Who can spit highest on the wall', ultimate in "œhanging upside down till you faint" and the macho who could stand on one hand and still not fall down for a record 2 seconds.
Please please, give me the big one and save all these for the sissy.
Still the old man did not heed. He went on to explain how to go about doing "Surya-namaskaram", "Surya-namaskaram" and Me pooh "¦the 3 times champ in "Who can spit highest on the wall", ultimate in "hanging upside down till you faint" and the macho who could stand on one hand and still not fall down for a record 2 seconds, was being asked to do one of the easiest Aasana"  â"Surya namaskaram". All right, all right I'll do it.
Stood straight, knees straight, hands above my head, bend down........
............................. I blacked out................................................................................
When I got up, I was SPIDERMAN, the friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN.
Note:   Dear reader. Anoop lost his humane instincts after that accident and since, has   
             been in a mazed state. Please excuse his insane-mumblings.
       . Sign: Grandpa. Still having black hair. 

Friday, June 18, 2004

Pickle Tickle….ummmm

Mentioning a few roses and bricks of my experience with the "PICKLE".
Please do not expect any expert, adept recipe or assistive thoughts here to make your culinary experience more gracious.

Read on the drivels of a food faddist.
I recall, those huge satchels I had too carry to hostel after a house visit.
Mummy's special, Granny's love, aunt's compultion, neighbors’ threat.... and many more in the menu.
All of them, collage of exotic spices, chili, oil, vinegar ummm and.. and ..can’t remember, my short term memory always betrays me damn.
Eat them in groups hiding from the seniors or threaten the freshies and grab em,
any day any time any where is "PICKLE" time.

I had the pleasure of, staying in all the four south Indian states and taste the different “PICKLES”.
Let me put the whole story in an ordered way.
1.PLACE: ”Ochira” (Maternal house)
ACTOR: "Vaasanthi"(my umma umma granny)
PS: “umma” is kisses in mallu, though one reference is enough, I am a little extravagant in Granny’s case.
Rewind 9 years, eveninig, the huge sack of miniscule mangoes collected during the week is at last ready to be sorted and readied for their last divine trip, in to those HUGE pickle barrels. That evening it is a regale for all the kids, I ve lost count of how many, I used to hate sharing with mallu, shallu, kannan, nandu, ammu, marrarikullam madhavan nair (yes that is a name, and of my 3 year old cousin) in the house.
With the constant squalling from the elders we manage enough of the ripe ones to be relished with salt and chili powder.
Don't know how it is done but then after 3 days of "Operation Pickling", they are sealed tight (not tight enough for us) and stacked into the dark and dismaying storerooms.
We get to taste them "officially" only latter ..long after, till then the reserve Barrels from the past years fill our “PICKLE” needs.

Red in color they can tingle your tungee for 2 litters of water (when I was 13). Vaasanthi used to love seeing us kids run around in search of water bodies with the tongues hanging out loathly, now I can settle for a glass, to Vaasanthi's dismay.
My personal fav is the ones doused in vinegar and salt, even I can make it.

Apart from the foretell, after every incident I will give away my well-kept and exotic recipes to the readers one by one.
These were passed down to me from my forefathers and contain the secret to success of many chefs and hotels.
Please don’t pass it around and spoil its divinity.

Presenting to you "Recipe de exotique pickle au Anoop".
1) Tiniest mangoes (nos-your need).
2) Vinegar (till u get drunk... kiddding. Just a little bit).
3) Container.
4) Cloth (to tie the mouth of the container).
Clean the mangoes thoroughly, don’t cut them.
Drop them one by one into the container with lot of salt and vinegar, SLOWLY.
Count them for amusement.
Tie the mouth with the cloth, very very tight; even Vaasanthi should not be able to open it.
Wait for ages and let your great-grand children eat them and get drunk.

Look amma your boy can cook
PS: Author is not responsible for any medical complications or death.
2.PLACE: SRM Engineering College, Hostel MESS-2.
ACTOR: Anoop MohanKumar.
College days are to be remembered, coincidence this incident feature our HERO "Pickle" but in a completely different advert
"OORUGAI".....(had to ask that to a Tamil friend of mine, even now).
So, fresher in the canteen, my turn to collect the paapad and help myself with sumptuous Pickle (last time reference), but alas the bucket was missing, which prompted me to ask a simpletons question "Anna pickle engai"(where is the pickle).
The inevitable happened, a sudden hush fell over, a bees buzz would have enounced thunder, all the mess boys and the "Master-Mathiazhagan" (Head chef) turned to me and stared, not knowing what was wrong, this dolt repeats the question "Anna pickle engai"....
Note: The referral "mess-BOYS" don’t do any justice to the physique of those guys. I still get nightmares, and am daunted by those stares.

One of the "BOYS" came close to me, smell of sweat, raw cut vegetables,
the tanned skin from the furnace,
it was just him and me,
the silence was killing, with a tooth-pic squelched in his mouth,
the deep and shivery voice ask me "ne ENNA solai...?"(What did say).

Before the shots were fired.
from the back of the queue, the savior came "give him the ' OORUGAI '...."
and from nowhere the bucket of pickle remerged, pooh what a relief.
Till date I’m proud to have withstood that onslaught by the pickles oops " OORUGAI ".

Presenting "Recipe de merde Mathiazhagan"(don’t bother look for English of "merde", not worth it)

HOW TO MAKE IT: You don’t want to know.
YOU NEED: Mangoes (supposedly), and lot of other things only Mathiazhagan knows and you’ll never want to.
Those days “medre athiazhagan pickle” used to be our best pick in the menu , and thank you HEAD CHEF.

PS: No harmful side effects. Turns you into a capable soul to survive any cuisine anywhere, even the Satyam canteens.
3.PLACE: Varun Reddy's Residence.
ACTOR: Aiyo Anoop Again.
After a hard days work (you do that when u join first in a company, latter on u learn the tricks), I am looking forward to meeting Varun and pamper myself on the exuberant dinner he has promised me.
Ocassion-Vijayadeshami.I could smell food from the doorstep, my tummy avid. Starving since morning was paying off.
All that was to change.
Thanks to my short-term memoirs, I will refer to the dishes except our hero, as X, Y, Z, a, b, c.
We started the meal with a serving of X, which was great, then jump on to Y oooohh,
and then came a large serving of Z again ummma,
a, b and c came after that ....wha kya meal tha
I went home a contented man with a temporary paunch.... and lived happily ever after.
NOOOO that was not to happen, did I forget to mention X, Y, Z, a, b, c every thing even the water came along with our hero "THE PICKLE".

What is with these Golties (no malice indented here), please refer to the meaning of Pickle in the dictionary it says
" (a sauce made from) vegetables or fruit which have been preserved in a vinegar sauce or salty water:".
It’s vinegar..baba ….vinegar ..Not 15 KGs of red-hot chili.

I remember the next day, I spend in the toilet. Dreadful days are not worth remembrance, so no more details on that.
But I realized that, with all the pain and trauma I went through I still like the “PACHADI”
A pickle with a tickle...............
That was the best pickle I ever had and there is no vis-à-vis for it, and never will be.
Hats off.
"Een jesnaaru saru .. oka manchi pachadi cheyi" for the ordinary Human.(excuse my telugu)

Presenting "Reciep de chaud au Valsala aunty"

HOW TO MAKE: Please call 09886464668.
YOU NEED: Please call 09886464668.

WARNING: Do you want me to explain more of my days in the loo.....common
4.PLACE: Some where in Bangalore.
ACTOR: Anoop and the unknown crusader (just for the effect)
New in Bangalore, look out for the life sustaining, pleasing, most wanted, something every verile, anthropoid dude wants..
no no .. not the babes, we are talking about food here.. food.
I see a restaurant at the corner of the street. Looks decent enough, pretty crowded
(Now the babes come into picture). I decide to entertain my taste buds there.
Still remember the restaurant name "some saagar”, kudos’ to my short-term memory.

Ordered lunch (mini meals) south Indian. Every thing is fine, even the price tag. The food is good, it is tasty and served clean enough
But then something is missing (5 Rs for guessing what)..Our Hero "Upinna Kai".
On request the waiter got me a small bowl of "Upinna Kai", the look of it reminded me of my fish tank with the "gold fishes “swimming around.
The bowl substituted the tank and the "Gold fish" raw pieces of mango; the water was the same only for the color, RED.
Bangaloruuuu give me the best "Upinna Kai", that’s a dare (Especially, girls who are single, have no parents at home, preferably settled in Bangalore)

My encounters with our hero will continue in different forms and names, and hopefully I will get to drivel about them more some time latter.
If there is one person reading this and has not tasted "PICKLE" please get a cup of water and drown yourself, for if there is a GOD, then his/her second name is
" P. I. C. K. L. E ".

Bone apetite and happy pickling.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

FLAB comparison...cos YOU MATTER.

Happy birthday another of my "FAT"friend(no malice intended here)
and "FAT" is a conjecture with refference to some of my friends, the quaint method to insult someone,no not for me.
I have always loved the ones on the ,kaushik ishtyle of quote(all about him latter in the bickering)...."A little on the MUSCULAR"...side, to stike off four names that are ettched to my brain.
Read on ....and keep in mind I Love them all,

height:short then ..dont know now
weight:then- was no concern, but had never let him play crocodile-race as my
partner,esp when i had to carry him.
now - NO IDEA
Kendriya Vidyala Naval base,
Class of grade-3,
Bench 4th from the front,
{Anoop[intro]:}A new-comer timid,adventurous and all alone,....{Bijoy:[intro]}....The first person to come and smile at
me was 10 times..hmm 6 times bigger than me yobo and it looked like he was going to browbeat me, atleast that was what
I thought.
Ended up the best of pals.We used to exchange cards ,penned "To my dear Brother..".
I still remember he gifting me a pawn supposed to be made out of marble.When 10yrs old it was a venerated posession.
I lost it ,though i have the birthday card he gave me the same year.
After his dad, a naval officer ,got transferred, BIJOY got embedded in my LTM.

2)ASHWIN PAI alias Twinkle PAI(1997-1999)
height:average then..dont know now
weight:then- plumpy
now - musta reduced (ass H&*^* mail me..)
Chinmaya Vidyalaya,
Class of grade-12,
Waiting in the assembly.
{Anoop[intro]:} Why the *#$* am I here...{Ashwin pai:[intro]}... NON EXISTING
The year 1999 did bring about a lot of changes, to mention, Going to school in a of the most scenic mornings you can ever think of,
aaah to start the day with aesthetically pleasing backwaters and sunrise ( school used to start at 7 in the morning)
that was the greener side of my memoirs ,definitely (I will write a drivel on my puerility days in Willingdon Island).
I get to know this plump,chweeet,ruddy Ashwin through "Parameshwaran sir's" tution ,rather than as a class mate,latter benchmate.
He was not fat though ,but his tummy could have made a sub for my punch bag(not that i had one)
Admirer of "Tinkle" comics( note the year please.. ahem age please ) and hence the alias.
Me,Sankar and tinkle "used to be good" chumps(Ashwin please read the quotes, if you still alive u FAT TWINKLE reading dud,you make me do this all the time,HO-hum.

3)KAUSHIK alias FATSO alias KAU(2004-tilldate).
height:6ft..and still growing (horizontally hehehe).
weight:then- cannot divulge here(Kau i keep the promise).
now - hail unswerving Anoop.
Came as a storm ,but that was only the semblence,de facto zephyr.
I ll never forget the "wall slam" on my Bday he gave me (to explain the agony ill have to disclose the fortofied "weight" factor)
Staunch me (kau you listening....get that bottle of Tequila for me) and i will get back to you for that some time.
And the "No fear" T is still me favourite.
habituated HOGGER ,soulful,definition of "lie through your teeth" ,brag about his so called muscles ,fiery underpants and more ....
I love you Kau....hope i m alive when you stop vaunting.
Please dont lose weight ...half my property for you ..please

4)Vittal Happy Birthday .. have more obese days and make me proud.

My mentation tells me that the "FAT" ones in my life has always been the cute, loving ,toteup "FAT rocks dude"
Now why did i start ..ah...

bitch tits...
thunder thighs...
what the heck the earth holds me..

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Lamenting my "CREED"

It happened out of the blue.At first I was dubious then skepticism creeped in but then it was too late for any kind of quelch.The news was out "Creed has DISBANDED".
Some bad news come as a storm but then there is always hope of a new sprout ,a new begining after every disaster.
Next time we'll hear the deep mellifluous voice and highly vehement compositions ,may be some time when the band does the "One Last time we ll do it together AGAIN" concert ,and god knows when!

A heavy hearted FAN signing off.

....Cos when you are with me ,I m free ,I m careless ,I believe....

I'm the king of Hallucinations or a Dolt!..I wonder

3 days away from the aboninable sound of tapping on the key board,
(the 3 day week end was a "operation success", the commando operation deviced in this pudding-head...BUNKED work with the excuse of Bad tummy)
a long restful week end.All this I consider a treat for myself, question of whether meriting or not has no relevance here.

Its like the first breath of air after you dive 30 feet deep ..whoaa the gush the relief,what an anology

started the week end in a pretty shakky way, friday evening and ,my brain cells were annulled by the bangalore taffic ,and then to add to my agony "I PRESENT TO YOU ..the man who crosses the road blind", damn i felt like running him down.

and there he was the mirthful "RAJ" himself, i think that is what i wanted after having such a disastrous day.

The string of events start from then, for the next 2 days i slept 9 hours (i dont believe it) ,though it was made up to on
monday, when things were happening so fast i ll have to brain storm to recollect the wierd things we did
1)stay awake and entertain each other with prosaic ghost stories, though a few of us did get spooked.
me too me too.. when it turned out that there was no power in the house, what a conjunction.

2)Do the "Wall trip" all nite and freak every body, and hoodwink them into believing that they were "DEAD"....
paramapara .. i m a GOD man now "the man who conquered death".

3)Play B-ball after night out--every body had their eyes closing even before they said "i'm sleepy".

There were more to add but amnesia has taken over,who can avert the obviate.
Monday revitalised me ,13 hours of sleep and a dainty "MALLU" lunch to top.

Wish just wish they would pay me the same lump of currency to just sit in "Shiva MESS" or "Achaayan MESS" and
treat my taste buds to the full,ah ah ..wait or I could just jump of the building and drift like a feather ,float down to the lap of that beautiful lady I saw at "KABAAB MAGIC" or just walk on one hand till the whole world follows me...fataaak... u can do a better hallucination than that Anoop.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

"KOIYAN" the cult..and the sagaa continues...

The "KOIYAN" was deviced by the "thinking" club in the dark forbidden lanes of Chennai.
How cruel of nature to not let "US" consummate..and why just the KOIYAN's

With all puffed chest, I spark the "Anti-Koiyan" campaign.

Dear reader you will have to go through this word all throught the blogs ...
cant help it though ..its in my blood
Hail anti-koiyan,
How positively passive-aggressive of me to have posted this.
More revelations of Koiyan in the upcoming blogs.

the show that ..."showered with rock"

Was it the rain or just the rude auto guy whome i asked for directions!!!
came saturday, every atom in my body was ready to go for the (fireo motorock) atleast thats what the news paper said.
and there was not even a touch of "ROCK" in what i heard at palace grounds that day.

When was the last time you felt like you were naked and sliding over a blade edge?it was 2 days back for me.
It was raining all evening and bone chilling cold, but then this Music bust wanted more and I go all alone(to be noted)
26KM ( check out the urge) through Bangalore traffic to listen to "ROCK"

It pays off ...the trouble the passion the hmmmm..evry thing pays off

Rest of the blog may contain words or meanings which could be disturbing, and any memoirs of "nighmares" is merely
coicedental also the writer takes no responsibility to the medical and emotional after effects(call me on 9886464668)
PLEASE DONT SUE ME ...(leon if u or any of the guys happen to read this)

boy that was a sad,..just ignore the previous mumbling

So here I was at the entrance and I could hear the base thumping through, didnt even bother to park the bike properly, i rush
myself to the gate just to realise the music that was being played it went from the sublime to the ridiculous...HINGLISH ROCK
where is the good music, RSJ are u there .....?
that was a sad attempt to segue to the following...

All I find there was a universal gettogether for the "KOIYAN's" and watch them flaunt to death about their flashy clothes and
non-existing knwolege of "good music".Thsese "Koiyans" are the prissiest, but then thier clothes do churn your tummy at times.

They start moving forward when the band ( hmmm can't even pronounce their name .. agreed by the lead for the band too, ON STAGE)
started playin "this aint song for the broken hearted ... taing.. taing .. tung tung tungggg tung" ,no malice intended here.

By the grace of my fore-fathers good deeds, just when i went for a fag and chips, the rain GOds felt "enough is enough" ,It
started POURING ..first vision that came in my narked mind was..Macaulay Culkin doing the "NOW EAT THIS" in MJ..
gee it s fun to see others, all drenched and shivering running haywire when u
puff to glory and yes munch into the "classic salted" chips all this by the warmth of the tea and shade of the covers above you
(did i say i have horns and a tail with arrow head)

Then there was this friend of mine who had no other word than "F#$*" in his vocabulary,
though it was preceded or vice versa with one of your ancestral names
oh and the group of highly safosticated "DUDes" who thought the "duds" who were on stage were "Moksha",when all the while
some demented freak band was playing the Rock version of a sanskrit sloka in a high falsetto.
Well there was a feel good factor though "babes" .. but the saga comtinues, the "KOIYAN's" sweep em all.

All wet and shivering and satisfied after Swearing at innocent musicians who didnt play ,
just because they loved their life and didnt want to die electricuted in front of a bunch of "KOIYANs",
or instead the lead singer could have gone back to chennai and said..
"well no more MOKSHA the rest of them got fried till their jocs, trying to play a tribute for the KOIYANs"

I drive through the mud and dirt back abode to listen to some Kobain in sankars ancient MP3 player. alas my rock thirst bilogical cells
atleast get get to tell each other brrrr.. "dine with the devil".