Saturday, February 04, 2006

B -R -ush to War

The two duds actually had planned the whole invation much before hey actually admited that they were goin to attack Iraq.
Seems the two "JOKERS" decided on attacking regardless of any external forces holding them back, that includes United Nations.
This article will bring a smirk on your face.

Mr Bush, told Mr Blair the US "was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours".

Now thats some gyaan for we wont find workaday; ie if you are not planning to strike Iran before the "JOKERS" do.

After all the "JOKERS" are bit of a dilettante when it comes to being the President. As days pass by they are reiterating that over and over.

George Phussss, STINKS.


silverine said...

Shocking!! And to think these cadavers rule some of the most powerful countries in this world. The agenda of the super powers is becoming clear. Remain superpowers at any cost by keeping the war machine humming,thereby keeping their economy churning.

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Jithu said...

unbelievable! actually can expect of them. btw the pic was hilarious!! :-)

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