Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Marriage is nature's way of keeping us from fighting with strangers….

..........In the meantime I figured out what to do with my life. I will get married and live happily ever after. Alright raise a few rug rats too.
March the 16th of 2006 made me shiver with every step I delivered at the doorstep of RamaVerma club Kollam.
The stage was set, so were the rumors and all the known and unknown relatives who had flown down from gelf and other parts of kerala. She, the “my-beautiful-nair-lady” was shaking so was I; but a Nair mallu “son-of-a-nair” should not be fazed by the thought that this was his engagement. moooommmmmmy

So he, “son-of-a-nair” gathered all his courage and got through the act of exchanging rings in presence of the Holy Spirit and the “my-beautiful-nair-lady”.
Only to be told that he and his fiancĂ© “my-beautiful-nair-lady” are forbidden from even meeting each other till the marriage is through (which is wonly 7 months away). Though they are in the same city and lived only 5Km and 47 meters away from each other. They were also warned that daily roll-calls through phone or surprise visits will be done to make sure that the “son-of-a-nair” and his “my-beautiful-nair-lady” does not get into the act of procreation or any kind of amorous activities. Duhhh..
“We live in the 21st century” (I always find this as an excuse to win over arguments with my elders, does not work all the time though. Didn’t work this time either).

People of the Indian independence, I have decided to take the leap into the depths of completeness, ahem get married, mate.

Like the wise man Mr zsa Zsa Gabor once said
“A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.”

A prayer for peace and imortal sordid state of Anoop's bachelorhood.......Amen.

And for my weirdo mates who still survive
"Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn't, they'd be married too.".............. waaaaaaaaaaaa
(courtesy Mencken)

I go down history pages as
the young man who fought his way through dark forests and deep trenches,
the young man who bravely warded fireballs and sharp fangs of blood thirsty creatures, and the young man who found more than what he was looking for when he reached the fortress holding the beautiful princess…ahem….. holding “my-beautiful-nair-lady”.
The young man who found his girl, his love.... tadaaan....

The young man who didn't know what happiness was until he was married. By then it was too late. -- (The Joker who wrote this is Wild).

The sweet little young man alias “son-of-a-nair” found his lady love who
would spoil and pamper him with scented-oil massages...DAILY,
will feed him fruits and wine on the comfy couch,
will let him ogle at hot women,
will prepare the hot tub for him...DAILY AGAIN,
and will tickle his feet with a feather while he, “son-of-a-nair” relaxes in the couch watching his football matches on his 59inch flat screen TV, got as a bribe from his father in law.
Isn't it best said?

"She loves being married. It's great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
Poor dear me, “son-of-a-nair”, what all I have to put up with, for the happiness of “my-beautiful-nair-lady”.

I am in the internship phase currently and looking at the prospects I am definite to fly through it without any cross or red marks. Have the final exam on the 5th of December again at Kollam (D-Day, your invites will be send out latter or delivered personally) which stands the landmark date in my life.
I am prepared for the day and hence forth, but nothing would be possible without a lil help from my beautiful girl. For whom I would plunge the depths of ocean, space travel to the moon, cut through any thorny bush and climb any heights.

PS: I was drugged toward the end of this write.

Wish me luck mates, for I am Engaged; to the girl whom I will for the rest of my life........hey, this is MY mushy stuff why should I post it here. Go get your dose of love flush and mush notes from the internet or respective girlfriends/boyfriends.


silverine said...

Congratulations mate !! :)

And to the “my-beautiful-nair-lady”, all the best :))

CJ said...

Seven months!!
That is called torture :)

Mind Curry said...

haha..first time here..and enjoyed it thoroughly..

arrghh..marriage..something i dread in its form that exists in our land..i just cant understand it.

but, its all in the mind in the end..and you seem to have conquered it..so good luck mate.

atleast your lady wont spend her life without a day of laughter..lucky her.

Reshmi said...

interesting narrative..:)

i was fortunate enough to get the first hand narrative from “your-beautiful-nair-lady”..

congrats n all the best..:)

Venkateshwar Sahai said...

Congrats once again!! So you finally decided to post an article abt ur engagement?..it was long overdue :-).. but done beautifully.. made me smile, and made me saw ur engagement first-hand... u r TOO good da..

Sarah said...

Congrats.. you write so well..
Enjoyed it immensely

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Anonymous said...

Though its too late to say but few good things written about the 'son-of-a nair' is untrue.
I am a eyewitness to his activities....he he he

Murli Manohar